Current projects and Donors


The organization is currently implementing Women and children empowerment project targeting 4,500 women, 23,000 children and 300 Youth affected by social injustices supported by KNH Germany.
Accelerating the end of HIV Epidemic in Teso region outreach supported by TASO Uganda
Improving the livelihood of the OVC n Ngora district supported by Mercy Aid Australia
Community COVID19 awareness raising project targeting 3,900 beneficiaries in Ngora district supported by Latek Stay Alliance Uganda
Civil Rights Defenders Sweden who have supported installation security system in the office

Food security and Climate change community resilience adaptation project in Nabilatuk district in Karamoja region supported by TEAR FUND


Previous project and Donors

Vision TERUDO have worked widely with different partners like ICCO (Netherlands) for a period of 17 years, USAID programs (Aim Uganda , UPHOLD and STRIDES FOR Family Planning , Stromme Foundation East Africa (Norway) for a period of 17 years, DFID(SAARI and READ and ILEAP Build Africa) for a period of six years, Ireland, Veco Uganda (Belgium), TEAR and Mercy Aid (Australia) for a period of 28 years , Compassion Canada (Canada), Save the Children Denmark Kumi, Hurrinet (Uganda), Common wealth foundation, C:AVA Uganda funded by Melinda gate through Greenwich University of UK, KNH Germany, Civil Society Fund, Water AID, Latek Stay alliance Uganda, Baylor Uganda, TASO Uganda, Irish IDPs and Sanitation project, UNDP HIV/AIDS supported project, Early Child world Bank Nutrition, Entadikwa Government of Uganda project who have provided Vision TERUDO funds for implementation of her programs in Teso Sub –Region. All these partnerships ultimately amount to strong synergies to the project.