Our Mission

We are on a Mission to empower Teso People to enjoy economic, social and political rights through civic and cultural rights education and end poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside with local communities in capacity building and livelihoods support
For 37 years we have worked alongside more than 1million families in Teso region to improve their livelihoods by building their sustainable farming businesses, health status and education. Our work has always focused on farming,, Health education to mitigate HIV/AIDS impacts and maternal health, Human rights education, Education outcome improvement, policy influencing and communities capacity building because we believe ending poverty begins with Agriculture for IGAs, Health education and communities empowerment and mobilization to strengthen their capabilities to tackle their challenges using home grown solutions is the only way to help them tap opportunities for household improvement in the region.
We support women and men, youth and children to mobilize themselves and envision their futures, provide trainings to help them generate incomes to improve their livelihoods, health status and take a leadership role in their communities to influence policy in favor of the poor.
Our work is closely aligned to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Uganda National Development plan and Vision 2040.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is an improved quality of life of the people in Teso region. To attain this, we are guided by our Core Values; Self-drive, empowerment, respect, partnership, efficiency and effectiveness, Transparency and accountability anchored in our Strategic Plan 2018-2022 as fundamental principles shaping our beliefs and practices through our operation

Our Vision

We envision a Teso region of people enjoying fundamental Human Rights.